20 Sectors
999 Systems
15 Planet Slots
Limit of 40 Planets

The Outer Rings is the the name for the Spiral Galaxy found by human explorers in 06.2312. It is even more vast...and even more unknown as The Frontier.
Many surprises await, but due to the size of this Galaxy...it is safer for pioneers and new colonists alike.

However...there is trouble brewing with all the Alien sightings... and Pirate activity is on the rise...

12 Sectors
499 Systems
15 Planet Slots
Limit of 30 Planets
Registration is now closed as of 7.2917

The Frontier is the first Galaxy discovered in the EternaVerse. Literally thousands of habitable worlds. Empires have been waging wars for control since it was discovered in 6.2310.
Only the most veteran of self-named Emperors dare enter this perpetual warzone - with Empires who have waged war counted not by days.. but months if not years.
Anyone new to the EternaVerse would be recommended to play The Outer Rings

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